About the project "Ma Ouature"

Hi everybody,

As we have talked with Pierre, it seemed to us interesting to comment the stops of our book "Ma Ouature", in principle, the history seemed to me interestiong when Pierre comented that the principal carácter will be a child (it could be a small Julio Verne) who invents machines, then the history will be a fantastic voyage sometime by sea and other via galaxia and I trust that soon everybody will be able to read it in the book.

I will explain a little my way of work in the blog. I hope it will interests you the way it had put life in the book!

First of all, I thank Pierre for the liberty and the space he gave me in order to generate the differents scenaries and machineries; I think that for every artist it is fundamental to feel free to develop a book.

Now I will tell you about "Ma Ouature"!

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